is a creative with a focus on brand development through filmmaking, photography, and design.

Mission StatemenT

In our age of social media, I have made it my focus to curate unique content customized for my individual clients. I believe it is important to prioritize brand synergy when it comes to building an artist’s visuals, which is why I make sure to communicate buyers expectations before I take creative liberty in my own hands. Every piece of work I deliver to my customers is made with the client in mind first through a process of questions and logistical preparation. Whether its a music video, a photo shoot, or even just general event coverage, I keep it aligned with the bands overall look to promote their personal brand with guaranteed honesty.


My list of expertise includes photography, videography, graphic / motion design, and editing. I work hard to make this list grow larger in category and quality every day so don’t hesitate to reach out with an ambitious idea.


My form of delivery is dropbox, organized in your own separate folder for easy access. No need to download the content immediatley, the links will remain up for as long as you need them to be. Turn around times vary per project.


I’ve decided to showcase a small portion of my work on my website, but you can keep up with my daily projects on my official Instagram.

My rates vary per project, email me at theworkofjar@gmail.com for a quote.