I wanted to create an authentic set of presets that embraced unconventional processes with color shifts and tones. Keep in mind that colour is not your typical photo filter, some of its character will not be appropriate for weddings or for corporate content. This collection is targeted to the photographer who's stuck in a creative block that wants to step out of his or her comfort zone. Colour is a collection of Lightroom presets made for the ambitious.

C O L O U R  +  P E O P L E

Some might describe the result of photos processed with colour presets as atmospheric and in a 'dream like' state.

Brindille 1x1.jpg

C O L O U R  +  E A R T H

Colour Cover 2.jpg

COLOUR / Complete Lightroom Preset Collection

Not for the boring, you've been warned.

COLOUR / Free Sampler Pack

Try 5 of my personal favorites from the collection on me.