COLOUR / Lightroom Preset Collection

Colour Cover 2.jpg
Colour Cover 2.jpg

COLOUR / Lightroom Preset Collection


I wanted to create an authentic set of presets that embraced unconventional processes with color shifts and tones. Keep in mind that colour is not your typical photo filter, some of its character and will not be appropriate for weddings or for corporate content. This collection is targeted to the photographer who's stuck in a creative block that wants to step out of his or her comfort zone. Colour is a collection Lightroom presets made for the ambitious.

collection includes:

  1. Ange
  2. Belle
  3. Blanc
  4. Bleu
  5. Brindille
  6. Classe
  7. Effleurer
  8. Envie
  9. Espoir
  10. Jaune
  11. Lueur
  12. Mode
  13. Rêveuse
  14. Rose
  15. Sirene
  16. Sunne
  17. Vert
  18. Vivant 
  19. Voir
  20. Gris
  21. Carier
  22. Lapin
  23. Mardi
  24. Moi
  25. Deux

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